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Cinema could hardly be considered invasive but not always might be respecting and reflecting the country, the people or the places being filmed.


During scouting for locations for Lost in Laos we were faced with a very real moral dilemma, as we were already acquainted with Laos, in fact, the story is inspired and dedicated to this extraordinary country. its inhabitants and their way of facing life with elegance and philosophy.


However, after seeing and meeting the people of Kapou, the village where our cast experienced part of their adventure, we realised that what we had thought correct for us to do for the people was not enough.


Their dignity didn't allow them to ask  but we felt the need to give. In Kapou the real emergency is the lack of medical assistance especially for the children and the elderly.


So we decided to contribute financially to providing periodic doctor's visits and a supply of  essential medicines. We trust that our example be repeated leading to other villages being adopted thus contributing to their survival.


When this happens then we can safely say that  our helping the  people will lend added-value to our work and to the film itself.




Daniela and Paolo decide to take a vacation in Vang Vieng in Laos, practicing tubing, rafting and having fun.


After an impromptu rave on the river, followed by downhill tubing, the two get Lost in Laos. Having also lost their belongings, they begin to wander around a different Laos to the one they pictured.


In Italy, the parents become alarmed, meanwhile Daniela and Paolo embark on a revelatory journey becoming the guests of a small village where they receive care, hospitality and friendship.

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2012 Italia - Laos 112’



Alessandro Zunino



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We will back soon il Laos with new aid and a small crew. If you want, you can help us with a donation or participate. For questions, e-mail here.

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